Solved Adobe typekit conflict with musethemes. Users help!

Discussion in 'Templates' started by Matias, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I am having troubles to export Pioneer theme to html, I get the error 400 because of missing fonts.

    The point on this, is that this theme and other of the new ones are using adobe typekit fonts from a non free plan, so since I only have the basic free account of adobe typekit adobe-muse synchronize my account but tell me that my typekit plan does not support that fonts and need to upgrade (logical), but I am able to work in the project as usual, with the missing fonts highlighted in a red background.

    I tried replacing all fonts for standar web ones, or even other included in my adobe typekit plan, but the problem reminds there and I can't export.

    The most sick of it, is that I even removed all the text areas of the theme, included pages, so at the end I only have one page without any text area that could have some missing hidden unsupported fonts, but no luck for me, the problem stills there!!

    Other user reported this in this thread: but it haven't been fixed yet.

    I just wonder if some of you are using adobe typekit standard free plan and if you are able to expor Pioneer or Litigation template properly.

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  2. Matias

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    I get it solved,

    Problem was that there was a missing font hidden in the menu for the narrow resolutions, I just deleted it and now it exports as Expected!

    Hope it can help to other users if they get that error in the pioneer theme.

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