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Steve Harris
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Oct 13, 2020
Nov 12, 2015
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Calgary, Alberta

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Steve Harris

Museologist, Male, from Calgary, Alberta

Staff Member Moderator
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Oct 13, 2020
    1. Ian Mack
      Ian Mack
      HI Steve,
      I'm wanting to add a promo code to my users can add when signing up. This will send notification to us and we can give them free products.
      Can you give me advice on how I can set this up?
      Any help is appreciated. All the best,
    2. 360 Creative
      360 Creative
      Hi Steve. I'm having issues with "Reviews Connect". Basically all works fine in Safari, IE and IOS..but Chrome, Firefox and Edge for both Windows and OXS will not load. I have tried so many variations in the settings and it just will not load. All using preloaded 2. Custom refresh in use and scroll to top. Rating snippet engaged. And using google sheets not local. I really need help with this urgently!
      1. 360 Creative
        360 Creative
        The desktop has 2 break points 1200 & 960 and using list view. Tablet page is 786 and using List view. Mobile is 380 and using Carousel view.
        Jan 13, 2018
    3. michael quinn
      michael quinn
      I am new to Muse but love it. I am not experienced with widgets. I have downloaded some from muse and I get a folder with several items once they are extracted. How do I load them into my widgets panel in Muse?
    4. James - BaseZero
      James - BaseZero
      Yo Steve… where do we post bug reports on widgets with the current Muse beta?
    5. Lily Coleman
      Lily Coleman
      I Keep getting this error when I add Breakpoints and I try to preview site in browser. "JavaScript exception: Error calling selector function: Error: Page is outside a breakpoint node." Please help!
    6. xanderLOVE
      Hey Steve, I love the youtube videos/tutorials!! Very helpful, thank you sir.
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