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    1. Cameron Toomey
      Cameron Toomey
      Hello DJ - I'm based in Australia & just started with Muse. I need to create a news feed & have been trying out Mumblr - I'm looking for a news feed that I can style with a horizontal layout that opens a news article when being directed rather than opening in a lightbox. Can Mumblr achieve this or do you have any suggestions. Thanks for your help. Cam
      1. DjHerold
        Cam, you should post this question in the Mumblr forum. I'm sure you'll get much better response and information than posting directly to me. Thanks
        Mar 1, 2016
    2. Julie
      Hello, I am using the freshly downloaded Instagram feed widget for my website. All works fine but the LOAD button does not load anything. I have tried to use the widget as is when it is downloaded and with ADOBE account as shown on the demo video but even with touching nothing, under the PREVIEW PAGE IN BROWSER it does not work... Please help me!!!! Thank you!
    3. Lui Ortiz
      Lui Ortiz
      hello good day could support me I am new to the forum I want to import widget but all make me error muse cc2015 I have a 64-bit system
      1. DjHerold
        Lui, glad to try to help.
        You say you have MuseCC 2015, is it really 2015, or is it 2015.1 ?
        Feb 11, 2016
    4. Coldfire Design
      Coldfire Design
      Hi Dj, did you find anything out regarding eh off canvas widget and it closing down the application issue?
      1. DjHerold
        Not yet, they are working on it but I don't have a time frame. For some reason the older version isn't having an issue so they believe this may be a bug and have put it in the repair flow.
        Feb 10, 2016
    5. Christopher Baron
      Christopher Baron
      I would like to copy the navigation off canvas menu on your widget preview page for a project but am confused a little. I'm assuming its the sidebar but you have more than 8 subject lines and I'm not sure how you got the sub menu's. Any chance of getting some help on this?
      1. DjHerold
        Christopher, I'm assuming you're looking at the Menu on the preview page, and not the preview of the widget itself. That menu is a custom menu and not the one like the widget. It was based more like the Tablet Nav - Sidebar accordion.
        Feb 3, 2016
    6. Maldenite
      I think motor menu is a very useful and engaging menu. I hope to solve this issue.

      I built my motor menu for phone and it works perfectly EXCEPT the home page link is not working.

      This is ONLY a phone app issue. Go to:
    7. Jeremei
      I am designing a volleyball online magazine and I would ask your opinion about current design, it is made by Muse Prelease. Here is the link
      Best Regards

      PS. Only desktop version (link) is ready because I am waiting for the new Muse and update of Muse-Themes widgets. The target groups are active volleyball players and people who are interested in volleyball.
    8. Michelle
      mobile menu widgets - I can't seem to find one that does the following -
      Click on the hambuger item which opens the menu - then click on a particular menu item to go to that page - that all happens no problem - but when I am on the new page I have to somehow close the menu which is annoying - I would like the menu to be closed when I am on the new page - thanks
    9. Brandon
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