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  1. ducati12
    ducati12 Günter Heißenbüttel
  2. chadas
    I do not know how to start a new topic. I need advice and do not know where to type a query.
  3. ducati12
    ducati12 emsp
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  8. Carla Stokes
    Carla Stokes DjHerold
    In the 320 Breakpoint, the foot information does not stay in the footer and moves all over the page. On the other breakpoints if you adjust the footer on the individual pages the footer information moves with it but not in the 320 breakpoint. How can this be fixed?
    1. DjHerold
      Carla, first, thank you for posting with us, but could I ask that you post this in one of the Forums. In this case, probably the 'General Muse' forum (if this is specific to one of our templates, then the Templates forum).
      Jan 2, 2017
    2. DjHerold
      You will get better response because this is more of a 'personal conversation' area, and you won't get the same coverage as you would in a forum.
      Please post any set up details, screen shots ect, that may help give a better idea of your issue.
      Thank you
      Jan 2, 2017
  9. zaozozo1
    zaozozo1 cityboy15
  10. Susanne Axelsen
    Susanne Axelsen
    e-learning developer Denmark
  11. zaozozo1
    zaozozo1 mebner
  12. Hendrik
    still working
  13. zaozozo
    zaozozo Russel Davis
  14. ciao Marian
    ciao Marian DjHerold
    Content Scroller won't show or attach to text frames

    Muse 2017, chrome page preview.
    Empty page.
    Watched teh video
    Tried about 20 times...what is teh trick please?
    1. DjHerold
      ciao, I responded in the post you made, but without information (i requested some in the post), just saying it doesn't work doesn't give me much to go on.Thanks
      Dec 10, 2016
  15. ciao Marian
    ciao Marian
    How do you get Content scroller to link to text box... it doesn't show up.
  16. ciao Marian
    ciao Marian
    HI there! Audio Playlist doesn't display on my site and also does not display on yours. What is up please?
  17. ashok
  18. Therese Sherman
    Therese Sherman DjHerold
    Hello again,
    Sorry, I'll move my question to support if that is appropriate.
    1. DjHerold
      I have answered in the other post, thanks
      As a side note, it is better to post in the forums or send a ticket to support because I don't always get to my profile mail. But no worries if waiting sometimes isn't an issue.
      Nov 19, 2016
  19. Therese Sherman
    Therese Sherman DjHerold
    Hello DjHerold,
    Bridge Slider widget For a moment I was able to stretch it to full b width. After I moved it I tried to get it back to 100% mark. Couldn't do it. +Is there a way to change the background gray of the widget so I can put in photos that have portrait vs landscape resolution? I'd like to change it to white or another color. Thanks, Therese
    1. DjHerold
      Therese, unfortunately the Bridge slider is built on the stock Muse composition widget. The composition widget does not support full browser width.
      As far as changing the background color (it's sounds like you changed the settings to 'Light Box?), that can be changed by selecting the background and changing the color-in the fill area at the top, and the opacity at the top of Muse.
      Nov 19, 2016
  20. ashok
    ashok arun