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  1. jaymackdesigns
    Help with widget.
  2. CMT
    CMT DjHerold
    Is there a way I can have a contact form automate visitors information into a database or spreadsheet after they send there info?
  3. wesm12
    Still excited about "Agent"
  4. ashok
  5. bytrliu jil
  6. ArtByPaige
    Don't know why I didn't join until today! I LOVE Muse and MuseThemes!
  7. loio muhe
  8. GnBri Photography
    GnBri Photography
  9. maji muhe
  10. Aim80
    1. Aim80
      MuseThemes, you need a Live Chat feature...
      Apr 14, 2016
  11. wickedblonde
    We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose!
  12. Anna Davis
    Anna Davis
    Life is good
  13. VisionaryKathy-MARKiTYOU
    VisionaryKathy-MARKiTYOU DjHerold
    DjHerold: I am Kathy and I am new to MuseThemes community and I am stopping by to say hello. What recommendations to have for a new member to the forum?
    1. DjHerold
      Kathy, welcome! Very glad to meet you and have you join us here at Muse Themes.
      Recommendations......good question.
      There are so many things within Muse Themes to see and learn, but here in the forum I suggest first getting used to the structure. I would look through the different forums and see what and where things are.
      Apr 6, 2016
    2. DjHerold
      Next, I would pick out a couple of posts on subjects your interested in and see what types of answers, requests, and things to provide to get you the best help/experience you can.
      Apr 6, 2016
    3. DjHerold
      Then, just read, enjoy, comment (we love user participation). If you know an answer don't be afraid to chime in, if not, keep up with topics that help you through the tough stuff.
      Most of all....enjoy.
      We're glad you joined us and look forward to helping and seeing what you're up to.
      Apr 6, 2016
  14. Gareely eely
  15. Ministry of JPG
    Ministry of JPG
    We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. The Ministry of JPG, connected through the art of music.
  16. vivekanandan
    vivekanandan Norman Durkee
    Hi, Sorry for late reply. I have purchased muse template from theme-forest. Following is the model template that I am using now. I am facing problem while using scroll & It is not working smoothly in iPad and mac book track pad. I am using Muse cc 2015.1 version. Please guide me and give solution for this.
  17. sam kay
    sam kay DjHerold
    I am working on muse responsive, and for some reason when i put stuff into the design mode and then check it out in preview - things move around and don't stay in the same place i put them!! One possibility i had to explain this problem was that I think it only started since i copy and pasted significant parts of the page and moved them around. might that have to do with it? thanks loads!!
    1. DjHerold
      sam, I do not always check this message box for forum questions.
      Could I ask you to post this in the forums area. It's better for a discussion and allows others to see issues they may also be having.
      When you post it, make sure to give some idea of what "stuff" might be and maybe a screen grab or two.
      One thing I always recommend is to always use 'preview in browser' not preview in Muse, if that's what you meant.
      Mar 19, 2016
  18. Weasel78
    Weasel78 Alex Wiley
    I've been using your Enlight Template for a charity that I work with: When I opened it up noticed there is a state button attached to the main slideshow on the homepage. It seems the state button is attached to the captions panel of the slideshow. How did you do that?
    I'm also struggling to change the text on the Sermon Library button - pluse there is a white line on the home page when I preview the site. Many thanks