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  1. Rob Rode
    Rob Rode Alex Wiley
    When setting up the slideshow in Cinch, you can link it to a website. Can you direct that link to an email instead?
  2. Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor DjHerold
    Hi DJ, I'm having problems with ECWID widget not working after update site to HTTPS using Adobe BC. When I preview the store page in the browser all looks good. But the live page has no content. I tried changing ECWID control panel store front URL to HTTP and HTTPS but no change. I deleted and reprogrammed the widget to force a page update but still no joy. Any ideas ?
    1. DjHerold
      Richard, to be honest with you, I am not the strongest with the Ecwid widget. Could I ask you place a support ticket for that (resources>contact us). The team is far better with that widget.
      On a side note though, I did open your link and I see everything fine, so not sure if it's a browser issue or you have fixed it? I'm on Chrome/PC.
      Jan 15, 2018
  3. 360 Creative
    360 Creative Steve Harris
    Hi Steve. I'm having issues with "Reviews Connect". Basically all works fine in Safari, IE and IOS..but Chrome, Firefox and Edge for both Windows and OXS will not load. I have tried so many variations in the settings and it just will not load. All using preloaded 2. Custom refresh in use and scroll to top. Rating snippet engaged. And using google sheets not local. I really need help with this urgently!
    1. 360 Creative
      360 Creative
      The desktop has 2 break points 1200 & 960 and using list view. Tablet page is 786 and using List view. Mobile is 380 and using Carousel view.
      Jan 13, 2018
  4. 360 Creative
    360 Creative DjHerold
    Hi DJ, can you point out any issues with Reviews Connect and loading on Chrome Firefox or Edge...I have tried many variables in the configuration and just won't load. it works fine in Safari and IE.
    1. DjHerold
      360, actually, I haven't heard anything on this until I saw your post in the Forum.
      I didn't respond there hoping someone else may have something to add. If you don't get any feed back, send a note to the team and see what they say (resources>contact us.
      Jan 13, 2018
  5. ClauCarvalho
    Search slide não apresenta todos os resultados, apenas da página Index. Porque?
  6. Ariel A.
    Ariel A. DjHerold
    1. DjHerold
      Ariel, for some reason I am not seeing any reviews on my end.
      The best idea when suggesting a change will still be a support ticket. Steve takes those seriously, and has instructed the team to log requests.
      Sorry I'm not more help
      Nov 13, 2017
  7. lynnmorgan
    lynnmorgan DjHerold
    What is Audio Loader Widget option UI? And where do you find it?
  8. Richard Stellar
    Richard Stellar
    Pro-social serial entrepreneur, founder of The Man/Kind Project, Inc. - a 501(c)(3) that gives voice to the voiceless, and huge Beatles fan.
  9. CRAIG
  10. Martina
    Martina Alex Wiley
    Hi there unfortunately I updated Muse to 2018 and it created problems on my sites as it does not seem to play well with all my Muse Themes widges. I am trying to roll back to 2017.0.4 but cannot find that version at all. Can you please help?
  11. LauraDaniel
    I have a problem using Nav Essentials with a hamburger on the page with the dynamic slide enabler and the Cinch responsive slide show.
  12. LauraDaniel
  13. Jonathan Vellos
  14. 4mori
    Sardegna Arena forza Cagliari!!
  15. Cyrill
    I'm new at Muse & MuseThemes. Let's see. :)
  16. Max Karslake
  17. J Kirby Inwood
    J Kirby Inwood
    If you move any mega menu widgets or composition widgets OFF of any underlying layer it will work ok in Muse17X
  18. anderson
    Work Work Work Work
  19. Anthony Morrison
    Anthony Morrison DjHerold
    great thank you Dj, the answer has been addressed in the forum.
  20. Anthony Morrison
    Anthony Morrison DjHerold
    Hi Dj, I am working on a project with a composition lightbox which was created in the previous version of Muse and opened in 2017.1 The lightbox aspect of the slideshow keeps crashing muse every time I try and move or resize the text container within the lightbox. Any ideas what is happening?

    "Adobe Muse has encountered an error and will now exit.....
    Unexpected reentry into onExternalDimChange; ingnoring."
    1. DjHerold
      Anthony, only because I can easily miss these posts on my personal page (i don't see the notifications sometimes), could you post this in a Forum?
      Also, if you can show some screen shots of the entire layout and the Muse UI. those helps when you have something selected and we can see the settings.
      Anything you can show would really help.
      Aug 24, 2017
    2. DjHerold
      Aug 24, 2017